Thursday, July 12, 2007

Video of 2007 Corolla Axio and 2007 Corolla Fielder

The 2007 Corolla Axio is the new Corolla Sedan. The Corolla Fielder is the Wagon.
These will come out in 2008 in the US. I hope they also bring the Corolla Fielder wagon to the U.S. market.


Nicole said...

Wow, just look at those seats convert themselves! My husband and I decided to get a Toyota this year, and we've already talked to one of the car dealers. Indianapolis is quite popular to car owners and buyers. I can now see why.

Kyoko Nitori said...

With the series of recall made by Toyota Corolla for sure it gave them a bad reputation. No wonder why they have lost their number one position. But with their marvelous concept over the past few years it clears their bad image.