Saturday, July 7, 2007

Car Buying Step #3

Car Buying Step #3
Get the Invoice Price

The third step is very important as part of getting ready to buy a car. Nowadays it is possible to get so much information from the web. In fact you can easily find the invoice prices of cars on the web. The two most reliable sites that provide invoice prices are and I have used and their info has been reliable.

By now you should have decided on what make and model you want. And you also need to have a list of the extra features that you want such as cruise control, 6 CD player, or whatever you like.

So for example, you may have something like this

2007 Corolla
Auto transmission
Air, cruise, pwr door, pwr locks, 6cd, side airbags

From my research from Corolla features on, the CE and S have power windows, and doors as accessories, while the LE has this as standard. Plus only the LE has keyless entry available. So I decide on the LE.

This is how you can get the invoice price from Edmunds for a Corolla. The info is free and you do not need to register.
I go to, and click on NEW CARS.
You now have to enter a zip code, use either zip code close to your home or work.
Under the Browse by Make section, I click on TOYOTA.
Select 2007 Toyota Corolla
Now I see the S, CE, and LE listed. Select Corolla LE AUTO 4dr sedan
I now see the invoice price is $14,764 (MSRP is $16,315)
Click the Price with Options button.
Next select the options desired.
Select BE Side airbags
Select VV Audio package (6 cd changer)

Select color Silver Streak Mica
Click TMV Pricing Report to proceed to next page.

You will now see the total pricing for this car.

Click on EMAIL THIS REPORT and send it to your new email address.

You now have a very useful information that can be used in your car search.


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