Thursday, July 12, 2007

Corolla Versus Prius

When I was looking for a car. I compared the prices of similarly equipped Prius versus Corolla. The Prius is about the same size as the Corolla, but it costs about 6k more. So is it worth it? 6k is still a good chunk of change.

I also compared the insurance quotes for a Corolla versus a Prius and the Prius is a but higher due to the higher cost.

Another ding for the Prius is that the batteries will one day need to be replaced. They say this would cost about $3000. And of course the old batteries would end up polluting landfills for many decades to come. So is the Prius truly a green car?

I like my new 2007 Corolla, I just filled up my first full tank. It gave me 380 miles for 11 gallons. So that's about 35mpg. Not bad! My 98 Accord never got this close.

Click here for Gadabout Jack's research on the Prius compared to Corolla. It's a good read.

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