Friday, July 6, 2007

Car Buying Step #1

Woohoo! I was successfuly in buying my 2007 Corolla LE.
And I got it for about $750 under invoice.

I will share my secret on how you too can successfully purchase a new car from a dealer.

Step #1.
Get a Separate Email Address for Your Car Hunt

You want to get started by getting a new email address specifically for your car search. You can get one easily from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

This is so you can freely pass out your new email address to the dealers out there, without cluttering your regular email account with spam. The dealers will only know this new email address and not your regular email address. After your car search is over, you can just cancel the new email address.

Pick a New Email Address
For example, if your real name is John, and you live in Springfield, create a new account like

You want to use your name, and keep it simple. If you create a wacky sounding email address, like, then the dealers may not take you seriously.

Another tip is you can just give your first name, just skip your surname for now.

Enable Email Forwarding
After you have created the new account, you can optionally enable forwarding from the new account to your regular email account. This is an optional step, to save you from having to login to multiple email accounts, which gets annoying. Once you have set up forwarding, you simply have to login to your regular email account--any new emails to your car search email account will be sent there too.

1. So log in, for example, to your new JohnFromSpringfield account. (for example)
2. In gmail, click Settings.
3. Click Forwarding.
4. Then select to forward emails to your regular account. Enter your regular email address. For example
5. Click Save your Changes
So now all email sent to will also be forwarded to

Check your Yahoo mail or respective email help for how to "forward mails".

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