Friday, July 6, 2007

Car Buying Step #2

Car Buying Step #2
Select the Exact Car Model You Want or Need

I was able to buy a 2007 Corolla LE for $750 under invoice. Follow my easy suggestions on how you can get a good price for your new car.

The second step involves being very specific on what you want to buy. This is important, because you are going to be spending thousands of your hard earned cash to buy this. Be honest with your budget and select the car you can afford. And also pick a car that fits your need.

Why do you have to know exactly what you want? Because you want to be prepared when you walk into the dealership. If you are unsure on what you need, then it's like blood in the water. You will be pitting your wavering impulses against professionals who sell cars every day. Guess who will win this battle?

The big reason is the third step you need to get the invoice prices, so you need to know exactly what you want first.

Is this car for commute? Then you may want one with good gas mileage.

Do you want a hybrid? You may also want to compare hybrids from different competitors. Toyota's Prius is a top seller, and they do have the best technology. The hybrid designs from other companies may not be as reliable.

How much space do I really need? If you are just using the car for commuting, do you have carpool partners?

Decide what you want or need. Take a test drive, but don't DONT get pressured to buy right now. Keep saying, I am just checking, not buying, if they bug you. If they really are pushy, then take your business elsewhere.

So decide what you want.

Do you want to buy new or used?
Take a look at the interior and exterior colors, which to pick?
Sedan or coupe? hatchback? wagon? SUV? Truck?
Manual or Automatic?
4 cylinder? V6? larger?
Power windows?
Power locks?
Cruise control?
Multi CD?
Side airbags
Sunroof? moonroof?
on and on and on

If you find it hard to decide, do this. Make up 2 list, one car you will enjoy, and another car with all the extra frills if you have money to burn. Then later you can compare the prices of both cars, and compare the monthly cost.

Pick a car with the "must have" configuration. This is the minimum you need, not want. For example:

For everyday commuting, I want a gas saver. So this is what I would be happy with.
2007 Corolla Sedan
Power locks
Power windows
Cruise control
Side airbags for extra safety

Then you can also chose another NICE TO HAVE configuration. This is your dream car, if money was no object.

Porsche 911... yeah right

So maybe for your this will be a
2007 Acura TL
All the bells and whistles.

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