Thursday, June 28, 2007

Penfed or Lockheed Credit Union

Pentagon federal Credit union (penfed), and Lockheed fed credit union has the most competitive auto loan rates I found, starting at 5.75% as of June 2007. Penfed and Lockheed are among the largest credit unions in the US.

They both are open to all to join. Penfed requires that you pay $20 to join a group to be eligible. Lockheed credit union lets you join them for $5 fee to Achiever's Club.

So I decided to apply to Lockheed CU with their online form here. The Lockheed membership application form let's you specify you also want to join Achiever's club. Their secure site asks for your personal info, including driver's license. You then have to print a PDF, then sign and mail it to them. This form acts as your signature card.

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